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Arranging care for your loved one can be a little overwhelming at first. Our absolute priority is to ensure that every resident receives the very highest standards of care. To do this we ensure that our care is focused on everyone. Because each person’s needs are different, in terms of medical, physical, emotional and even social aspects, residents need a package that’s tailored especially for them and which can be altered quickly as their needs may change. We recognise that the transition into a care setting can be an emotional time for both residents and their family. Our relationship with every resident, their family and friends is integral to ensuring a seamless transition, enabling residents to continue important routines, hobbies and interests with discreet and sensitive support that retains dignity and wellbeing.

With 32 single rooms, all have en-suite toilet and wash hand basin and the majority of our rooms have showers installed, there are also communal bathrooms on each floor. Each room is fully furnished with TV & DVD players in all rooms, however if you wish to bring some of your own personal items from home then we are happy to accommodate this. We have four lovely comfortable communal lounges, with TV’s a visitor lounge and a quiet lounge for those who don’t wish to watch television.

Our residents’ health and wellbeing is always our paramount concern. We ensure every resident receives the care they require, arranging visits from GPs and District Nurses. All our residents have access to a dentist, optician and chiropodist.


Our activities coordinator incorporates a feeling of self-worth and being respected.  “It’s not like work really, you engage in a conversation and people come alive. The small things give you that satisfaction, a feel-good factor”.   At the Brambles, it’s all about engaging people. We talk to the families and find out what their loved ones like. We are here for the people that live here.

We believe in keeping activities fresh and interesting, so, as well as regular activities like sensory sessions, arts and crafts, bingo and gentle exercise classes, our weekly activity programme includes reading sessions, group exercises, quizzes, bingo, handicrafts, in-door gardening, story group, one-to-one sessions, singing and entertainment.

We believe in any excuse for our residents to enjoy themselves, so we celebrate themed events throughout the year. Our Annual Garden Party is one highlight, as are Christmas and other religious festivals observed by our residents. Birthdays are also an opportunity to make our residents feel special and, wherever we can, we involve family, friends and staff in the events.


We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who monitor and inspect care homes to ensure they meet high standards.

Care homes offer accommodation and personal care for people who may not be able to live independently. We monitor, inspect and regulate services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety and we publish reports. We set out what good and outstanding care looks like and we make sure services meet fundamental standards below which care must never fall. The CQC set performance ratings to help people choose care

  • You must have care or treatment that is tailored to you and meets your needs and preferences.
  • You must be treated with dignity and respect at all times while you’re receiving care and treatment.

The principles of the CQC:

  • You have privacy when you need and want it.
  • Everybody is treated as equals.
  • You’re given any support you need to help you remain independent and involved in your local community.
  • You (or anybody legally acting on your behalf) must give your consent before any care or treatment is given to you.
  • You must not be given unsafe care or treatment or be put at risk of harm that could be avoided.

You must not suffer any form of abuse or improper treatment while receiving care.

This includes:

  • Neglect
  • Degrading treatment
  • Unnecessary or disproportionate restraint
  • Inappropriate limits on your freedom.
  • You must have enough to eat and drink to keep you in good health while you receive care and treatment.
  • The places where you receive care and treatment and the equipment used in it must be clean, suitable and looked after properly.
  • The equipment used in your care and treatment must also be secure and used properly.
  • You must be able to complain about your care and treatment.
  • The provider of your care must have a system in place so they can handle and respond to your complaint. They must investigate it. The provider of your care must have plans that ensure they can meet these standards.
  • They must have effective governance and systems to check on the quality and safety of care. These must help the service improve and reduce any risks to your health, safety and welfare
  • The provider of your care must have enough suitably qualified, competent and experienced staff to make sure they can meet these standards.
  • Their staff must be given the support, training and supervision they need to help them do their job.
  • The provider of your care must only employ people who can provide care and treatment appropriate to their role. They must have strong recruitment procedures in place and carry out relevant checks
  • The provider of your care must be open and transparent with you about your care and treatment.
  • Should something go wrong, they must tell you what has happened, provide support and apologise.
  • The provider of your care must display their CQC rating in a place where you can see it. They must also include this information on their website and make our latest report on their service available to you.

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